Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

BCST is a natural body therapy that is both drug and manipulation free. This gentle yet powerful holistic therapy is suitable for all ages from newborns to seniors. It can be used to support recovery from injuries and both acute and chronic conditions. BCST works with the intelligence of a person’s own Internal healing system to restore harmony to cells, tissues, organs and the entire body and mind.

Like creatures and plants in nature, our body’s contain an extraordinary intelligence to grow and self-repair.

Illnesses can result when our body’s have accumulated too may factors that cause restrictions to the flow of our natural healing energy. Restrictions can result from: injuries, build up of toxins, poor lifestyle, limiting beliefs, stress and trauma due to a single or accumulative factors throughout our lives. When this occurs our internal healing system becomes compromised, hindering the body’s natural ability to self-regulate and repair. In these situations BCST can effectively restore and strengthen our Internal healing system to support self repair and ongoing wellness throughout life.

Biodynamic Listening

BCST is a very unique type of therapy. It is sometimes referred to as “Psychotherapy in Body Form”. During therapy, I use a powerful therapeutic healing field of presence and stillness to listen deeply and acknowledge a person’s health and their unresolved experiences and how this has patterned their mind and physical body. This enables them to shift into a healing state where restrictions and blockages are processed and resolved. Over the course of therapy sessions this results in improved functioning to their entire body and mind.

As well as the ability to address physical, mental and emotional issues at a deep level, BCST supports children and teens to optimise their physical development and mental patterning to support learning, socialisation and emotional balancing. Adults often gain mental clarity, insights, emotional harmony and acquire the strength and creativity to connect to their passions and improve relationships. These important qualities that affect our well being and happiness are possible when we are at ease in our mind and feel comfortable in our body.

I am truly passionate about supporting you and your loved ones to experience the wisdom of your own internal healing system, to restore and strengthen your health from within.

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